Bus Facility for Girls as Well as Boy’s

Our college bus facility of student  has been provided unique facility of the student all over Nashik district. The college situated in rural background of chandwad tahashil. Surrounding area of the college in come very isolated zone near abut 30 or more villages are only option to higher education but transport facility is very less  toward come the college. Out of total admission of college 70 % is girls so there protection is on of the challenge for parent and college administration on the focus of that point institute management decided to provided our own bus facility of student. In the academic year 2017-18 college purchases one new bus to continue response of student college purchases another bus now today college has been 3 own buses and provided bus facility of student with following unique  facility.

  1. Every year bus fee are very less they have decided by College Development committee and the focus only NO LOSS NO PROFIT basis.
  2. Bus are provided There  service  most of student with the  home to college.
  3. On the view are girls security point bus service is with CCTV Camera and GPS LOCATION 

(Inauguration of New Bus By College Development Committee Member )



(College Bus stand together in Campus)